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Getting Started with Internet Radio

Internet radio is the next step after FM and DAB radio. Thanks to the Internet, you can reach a global audience. Instead of investing in professional studios and antennas, you can start your radio station from your couch using only your laptop (and a good microphone)!

To get your stream out there, you need stream hosting that provides you with the server power to reach your listeners. That's what does. offers you not only a great audio stream but also provides free apps for iPhone and Android, a widget to place on your website, and a great AutoDJ amongst many other things.

Do I require a broadcasting licence? is a UK-based company, therefore we do have to enforce online broadcasting regulations. This means you need written permission by all rights owners to the music you play or a license from the organisation that hands these out in your territory.

Do you only play royalty free music?

If that's the case, you won't need a broadcasting license. Do make sure to check all of the tracks you're playing are royalty free!

The following is required for our UK-based clients (as described above):
For online broadcast, two licences are required. One from PPL & one from PRS For Music - for both licences combined, it will cost you just over £300 for the bare minimum package.

For other countries we suggest to contact your local authorities or ask for suggestions in the community.

We do not force any of our users to purchase these licences and will not suspend any services if we find that they are not licenced. However, if we receive a complaint from PPL, PRS or a music artist/record label - we will be forced to remove the audio file which has been complained about. This could also lead to termination of the main account. You will be notified of this before anything is deleted from your account.

Getting Started with Internet Radio