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Grieving the loss of Nicecast?

Aaron Gregory · 2 months ago

Nicecast has been widely used over the past 10 years as a key piece of software, used to broadcast audio from Mac devices. With its user friendly interface and simple yet powerful features, it was discontinued this year and we're still grieving. However, fear not - there are plenty of alternatives! ...

    Mobile Apps: An update.

    Aaron Gregory · 5 months ago

    So, it's been 2 long years since we last rambled via our blog; so we thought we'd give you all a well deserved update on the mobile app situation.

    We're approaching a year since Apple dropped the bombshell that they would not be accepting templated apps, and Google quickly followed suit. After man...

      Meanwhile in Git: Cast + DJ

      Maartje Eyskens · 2 years ago1 changes

      At, we’re working hard. Developing new products and bringing you improvements to our current services. But sometimes, I feel it's not clear to everybody what we are doing currently on the development side of things. That’s why I’m running a new blog series to explain the things behind the...

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      Welcome to Documentation

      Maartje Eyskens · 2 years ago

      Welcome to the developer hub and documentation for!