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Meanwhile in Git: Cast + DJ

Maartje Eyskens · 2 years ago1 changes

At, we’re working hard. Developing new products and bringing you improvements to our current services. But sometimes, I feel it's not clear to everybody what we are doing currently on the development side of things. That’s why I’m running a new blog series to explain the things behind the...

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Money vs. Innovation — our motivation.

Ethan Gates · 2 years ago

Money is great. We all love money, don't we? Is that true though? Well, perhaps for some of us… yes. Money helps us get by, helps us to pay the bills and the taxman. Here's the thing though, money is just a number in the world of Internet Radio.

A few months ago, we saw the launch of a service si...

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    Maartje Eyskens · 2 years ago

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